Book Club Discussion Guide

  1. Why do you think Elizabeth’s husband Jake accepted her close relationship with Samantha and Samantha’s husband Richard could not?
  2. What was Samantha’s part in the love triangle between her, Elizabeth and Richard?
  3. Do you feel Richard’s demands at the beginning were based on not wanting to lose Samantha? Did he want something from her that she and Elizabeth had?
  4. Do you think Samantha felt in some way responsible for Elizabeth’s illness?
  5. How do you think Samantha’s and Elizabeth’s parents were treated by their son-in-laws?
  6. How could the family have managed their reactions to Elizabeth’s illness differently? Do you think they had unrealistic hope?
  7. Do you think Samantha is defined by her care taking role?
  8. Do you think Samantha and Richard will end up staying married? What would you do in a similar situation?
  9. What is the significance of the title Appearances?
  10. Discuss the concept of having enough love in one’s heart for a husband and a sister
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